Super-High Pressure Pump

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:BLK5T7A

‧Motor Power: 5 HP (3.7 kw) 3Phase 380V 50Hz
‧Oil Tank Capacity: 60 L (15 gal.)
‧Pump Weight: 125 kg
‧Pump Dimension: 50x38x92cm
‧Combine with HK2832A Hydraulic Puncher

‧Breathing Oil Cap: P/N: BOCP
‧Punch Retainer: P/N: PRTK
‧Punch Fixture Nut: P/N: PFNK-33, P/N: PFNK-27
‧Punch Fixture Wrench: P/N: PFWK
‧Foot Switch: P/N: FSWD
‧Hoses Pair with Coupling 5 meters: P/N: HS305-DHCRF, P/N: HS305-DHCLF
‧Punch Adapter: P/N: PADPK
‧Die Adapter: P/N: DADPK
‧Hoist Ring: P/N: HTRA
‧Control Cable: P/N: CTL-1005