Hydraulic Punching Machine

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:DP727A

Specifications of HK2832 Hydraulic Puncher
‧Action Type: Double Action
‧Max. Punching Thickness (at 32mm diameter): For Iron steel 22mm, limit up to 25mm, For Stainless steel 11mm
‧Max. Punch Diameter: 27mm, limit up to 28mm
‧Max. Oblong Size (width, diameterxlength): 22Dx27Lmm, limit up to 28mm of length
‧Max. Throat Depth (Reach): 125mm
‧Max. Strength Output (at 750 kg/cm2): 90 ton
‧Max. Operating Pressure (zero to peak in atmosphere): 750kg/cm2
‧Body Weight: 87kg
‧Body Dimension: 45x15x47cm
‧Punching Time: Combine with pump BLK3T7A, approx 4~8 sec.
‧Operation Method: Step by foot Switch/Push Button
‧Combine with Pump BLK3T7A

Detail Dimensions:
‧A: 25mm
‧B: 25mm
‧C: 125mm
‧D: 75mm
‧E: 120mm
‧F: M12 Screw