Precision Automatic Tapping Machine (Vertical type)

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:GT1-203

TC-AT-23 Prcision Automatic Tapping Machines
Tapping standard pitches:
‧Metric pitch: 0.7;0.75;0.8;0.9;1.0;1.25;1.5;1.75;2.0;2.5
‧Thread per inch: 32;28;27;24;20;19;18;16;14;13;12;11;10
‧Spindle speeds: 60HZ 190;340;620 / 50HZ 160;285;515
‧High speed: 60HZ 2200;1170;690 / 50HZ 1830;975;575
‧Tapping capacity: 3.0m/m~23.0m/m
‧Swing: 480m/m
‧Max. spindle stroke: 70m/m
‧Distance from spindle tip tpo table: 480m/m
‧Taper of spindle: M.T.2# / M.T.3#
‧Working surface of table: 340m/m*340m/m
‧Height overall: 1250m/m
‧Motor rating: 3x1HPx6P or 2HPx6P or 3HPx6P
‧Net weight(approx): 250kg
‧Shipping measurement: 550x900x1150m/m