Hydraulic Riveting

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TC-152

‧Steel framed, lower center of gravity, strong steel flexibility, the three-phase type height adjusting device. It's specially suitable for the situation of greatly variable working time.
‧Plus a large cooling system, the temperature of the oil is hard to raise and the pressure is hard to be decreased during the long-time working.
‧The longest solid rivet available is 10mm. The longest solid rivet available, will be 12mm if the large collect is attached.

‧Moter: 1/2*1HP, 1*2HP
‧Stroke: 42mm
‧Riveting capacity: Solid rivet 3-12, Hollow rivet 1-25
‧Working cycle time (sec): 0.5~10
‧Ordinary pressure: 20-70
‧Max pressure: 430~1650
‧ax. length rivet (mm): 230
‧Weigh (kg): 350
‧50/60HZ R.P.M: 1400/1720