Hydraulic Riveting

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TC150

‧The fuel tank is designed to separate from the main frame. Steel framed. The upper and lower parts are separable. It's easy operated for being your special designed machine.
‧Plus a large cooling system, the temperature of the oil is hard to raise and the pressure is hard to be decreased during the long-time working.
‧The longest solid rivet available is 10mm. The longest solid rivet available, will be 12mm if the large collect is attached.

‧Moter: 1/2*1HP, 1*2HP
‧Stroke: 42mm
‧Riveting capacity: Solid rivet 3-12, Hollow rivet 1-25
‧Working cycle time (sec): 0.5~10
‧Ordinary pressure: 20-70
‧Max pressure: 430~1650
‧ax. length rivet (mm): 180
‧Weigh (kg): 300
‧50/60HZ R.P.M: 1400/1720