Riveting Machine(Double Axle)

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TC-143A

‧The main axis of the external pipe can be adjusted up and down. Easy operation and high accuracy.
‧For increasing the working efficiency and production capacity, the double axis type is available.
‧All types of voltage are available.
‧The longest solid rivet avaiable is 6mm.The suggested and most economically efficient is the rivet below 5mm. It's suitable for satisfying your needs of versatile availability and lower quantity.

‧Moter: 1/2HP 1HP
‧Stroke: 40mm
‧Riveting capacity: Solid rivet 0.5-5, Hollow rivet 1-9
‧Working cycle time (sec): 0.5~10
‧Ordinary pressure: 3-7
‧Max pressure: 460~1100
‧ax. length rivet (mm): 150
‧Weigh (kg): 180
‧50/60HZ R.P.M: 1400/1720