Pneumatic Riveting Machine

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TC-131

‧Lower center of gravity, strong steel flexibility, fashion designed, light, small size and easy to be moved.
‧The virtue of the precise accuracy is specially suitable for the combination of the small components.
‧Single phase voltage, power saving, lower oxygen consumption, no noise and available for any location.
‧The longest solid rivet avaiable is 3mm.The suggested and most economically efficient is the rivet below 3mm.

‧Moter: 1/4HP
‧Stroke: 35mm
‧Riveting capacity: Solid rivet 0.3-4, Hollow rivet 1-5
‧Working cycle time (sec): 0.5~10
‧Ordinary pressure: 2-6
‧Max pressure: 100-480
‧ax. length rivet (mm): 100
‧Weigh (kg): 54
‧50/60HZ R.P.M: 1250/1500